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Rule of the Universe!

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how do [Dec. 11th, 2002|08:17 pm]
Rule of the Universe!

[Monkey is |exanimateexanimate]
[This Monkey likes |Local H: School]

Okay, since this IS the place to love monkies and/or bacon, I decided to let you all in on my favourite way to eat the crispity goodness.

Hands down, on toast with lettuce and Miricle Whip (not mayo, but I will suffer if I must). That's it. A BLM. Heavy on the B (of course!).

See, and it would be perfect if I was eating it with a monkey sitting near by because he would most likely enjoy the crusts that I wouldn't eat and so he could have his sannich and the crust off of mine too...actually, he'd prolly only get a lettuce sannich cuz I'd have eaten his bacon when he wasn't looking.
Yeah, I can be evil like that.

Oooh, and wanna hear something tragic? I live in an a place without a stove or a kitchen sink (don't ask) so I can never make my own bacon...always bowing to how a restaurant deems a satisfactory piece of yum. Sad, eh?

Okay, ta ta now ~

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Kia [Dec. 10th, 2002|12:02 am]
Rule of the Universe!

[Monkey is |Silly]

The new holiday Kia commercial has that monkey in it! He makes me laugh!
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here monkey monkey monkey [Nov. 30th, 2002|02:10 am]
Rule of the Universe!

[Monkey is |amusedamused]
[This Monkey likes |Portishead]

Okay now. I don't know if any of you are still breathing out there, but I saw two of my favourite things in one title and I had to join. Monkey's my favourite word (followed by face...both make me giggle) and bacon...ummmmm.

So, let's play. What kind of topics have you toyed with?

So, what's everyone's philosophical thoughts on the holiday season that's been thrust upon us (as it does each November)?

Personally, the world spins in a downward spiral of bags and bustling and too many humans the day after Halloween.

And today (marking the biggest shopping day of the year)...I just gotta say that people that go out at 2:00am to wait in line at a store so they will get early bird specials must be on crack. Why would anyone a) wait in line to shop (and I ain't talkin' bread lines) b) want to have to deal with that many people and c)wake up that early?!?!

Okay, just saying hi and decided this place needed a November post, heh.

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One Good Monkey deserves another [Oct. 10th, 2002|10:17 pm]
Rule of the Universe!


good silly monkey.

(although owned by Disney)
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Words of Wisdom [Sep. 2nd, 2002|07:39 pm]
Rule of the Universe!

[Monkey is |awake]
[This Monkey likes |His Judgement Cometh-Thomas Newman-Shawshank Redemption]

Don't leave your bacon out in the rain.
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topical? i think not.... [Aug. 12th, 2002|08:44 am]
Rule of the Universe!
[Monkey is |amusedamused]
[This Monkey likes |beeping and clicking.]

i often think of what hegel would think about fast food places not serving grape soda as a standard.

it is much more delightful than cola.
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okay, so...anyone left?...or... [Aug. 4th, 2002|02:38 am]
Rule of the Universe!

awright monkies, dammit, this is the captain...okay...not really...but...after all, this is the domain of he who is called "joe black"...but being a fellow monkey, bad typer, and one of the sacred anointed, those bathed at birth upon celestial confirmation by the 10 sacraments, a goat named pepe, 3 dangerously inebriated merchant marines and an entire vegas chorus line whose first names are all "kitty" in the 5 pious greases of B'Kon brought to man on the steps of Mt. Cronos by the First Friers whose origins are lost in antiquity...i feel it is my duty to help stir things up and mostly to ask...

"where have all the monkies gone?"

monkies at all posts nation wide i ask you to sound off, loud and proud, stir yourselves from your collective slumber, and remember what it is to be simian! look back to the time when you joined, adding number and voice to a community some said could never last. oh!...but we've shown them! we've come so far, and now to be wasted away slowly by our own...something...is absolutely unforgivable! it's damnable and a scandal to boot!

what would St. Joe say?...

after all, when in the woods and the necessity for food stirs it's ugly head to look your way and the time of morning has come to break your fast and all that is at hand is a handful of grade aa large eggs, a rasher of bacon and an electric fence...what do you suppose would sustain you? ever try to fry an egg on an electric fence?...

no, and your not likely to, sonny jim!...all that stands between you and the cruel blind bitch starvation is the bacon. for nothing so rouses a man/woman/monkey to honorable thoughts and his/her/its feet than the sounds and smells of bacon frying on an electric fence.

now rise up proud declare your truth and upon this charge cry...

"for monkies, bacon and St. Joe!"
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what the devil is going on?... [Jul. 12th, 2002|06:16 pm]
Rule of the Universe!

time for a new topic, something special to stir the blood and creative writing slash ethical juices of the brave lovers of bacon. that's right, sonny jim, been a while but things can go neglected no longer. some new faces in the ranks which is always a welcome sight. but where's the controversy? where's the bravado? where's the willingness to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous vegans?...no offense intended to my brothers and sisters who choose not to consume crispity brown fried pork goodness but still have been brave and fool-hearty enough to count themselves among the baconic.

gooooooood's love ya!

now back on track -- baconites, baconics, baconnoisseurs who prefer an afternoon baconstitutional to lemonade and brandy (hmmm?) stand, i say. stand and be counted. cholesterol counts are for sissies! real monkies require real sustenance!

so my topic is this: how often, if at all, do you re-filter coffee through used grounds and filter (a.k.a. a second run)?
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!~*MoRe ChEErFuLLnEss*~! [Jul. 7th, 2002|09:32 pm]
Rule of the Universe!
[Monkey is |happyhappy]
[This Monkey likes |SuBliMe~"SmOkE-2-JoiNtS"]


I heart Sublime! awesome-ness.....

GooD ShitS!


"Smoke 2 joints in the mornin'
I smoke 2 joints at night!
I smoke 2 joints in the afternoon,
It makes me feel alright!
I smoke 2 joints, in time of peace...
And 2 in time of war...
I smoke 2 joints b4 I smoke 2 joints,
And then I smoke 2 more!!!!"

"Smoke cigarettes to the day she died..."

"Daddy, he once told me, 'Son, you be a hard workin' man,'
And MaMa, she once told me, 'Son, you do the best you can.'"

"Woah! Rock me tonight...!"

~Damn good song.....!

FUCK...I'm diZZy...But, I'm not gonna let it rain on my parade!!!!
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PooP!!!! [Jun. 13th, 2002|10:29 pm]
Rule of the Universe!
[Monkey is |highhigh]
[This Monkey likes |THE WINGS GAME!]

i am

what poo are you?

man...i'm soooo fucking blown, right now.

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